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Special & Private Charter Boats

Key Largo Private Charter Boats
#1 charter boats in the Keys

Both of our boats are available for private charters. You can select where you want to dive within our range selection. You can also choose the type of charter whether it’s diving, snorkeling or a combination. If you prefer, we have several specialty charters which are listed below.

Nite Diving, Lobstering, Spear Fishing and Sunset Cruise Charters

If you are chartering one of our boats, you can select one of our special charters which include Wrecks, Nite Diving, Lobstering, Spear fishing and Sun Set Cruises.

Wrecks: Choose from the several wrecks available here in the upper keys. They include the USS Spiegel Grove, USCG Duane & Bibb, Benwood and the Eagle. Descriptions for each of these wrecks are listed on our website under “Dive Sites”. See Schedule >

Nite Dive: We depart our docks during the early evening and get you to the site at sunset. Our captains select from a number of shallow reef sites, Davis Reef being the most popular reef for ease of navigation. Our nite dives are one tank/one location charters. Departure time depends on the season. See Schedule >

Sunset Cruise: We can take you on a magical cruise to the bay side and watch an incredible sunset. You can bring your own beverages or arrange with the shop at an additional charge to serve champagne. Departure time depends on the season. See Schedule >

Lobstering: Lobster season opens August 6th and closes March 31st, with a special 2-day mini-season the last Wednesday and Thursday of July. Remember that the "mini-season" was just for us divers - NO commercial fishermen allowed. Let us show you how to turn a good dive trip into a GREAT Florida Keys Lobster Extravaganza! Combine it with a dive/lodge package for the best value available. See Schedule >

Of course, we have our secret locations in non-protected areas for finding these tasty creatures and we're not going to post them here! However, our captains have years of experience in the Upper Keys so trust them to know where to look. You'll want to book early because the opening of the season is very busy. Space on the boats will fill quickly.

If you are looking to be a true "pro," we are offering the chance to learn from the best! The Underwater Hunter Class is designed to teach you all the skills (and highly secretive tricks) to not only catching lobsters but spear-fishing, shell finding, and hunting of all sorts. When finished not only do you have a fridge full of great seafood, you also get an Underwater Hunter Specialty Card!

Spear Fishing: You have the option of spending the entire dive spear fishing at one site, two sites or drift diving. Each diver is required to have their own fishing license and equipment. We have our select locations where groups in the past have been quite pleased with their catch. See Schedule >

Florida Keys Scuba Diving Fishing License
Fishing License & Lobster Stamp
If you are spearfishing or lobstering, a Florida fishing license and lobster stamp will be needed. Contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation for more information by visiting www.myfwc.com or by calling 1-888-347-4356

Big Dipper & Orion Charter Rates
1/2 Day Charter: $1200.00
Full Day Charter: $2200.00
Max Divers: 36
Max Snorkelers/Riders: 49

Half Day Charter Departures: 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM
Full Day Charter Departures: 8:30 AM
Note 1:
Charters include boat, captain, mate and fruit during trip back to dock. Equipment not included.
Note 2:
All Day Trips - last diver needs to be out of the water by 4:15 pm. Additional time is $100 per hour.

Our boats carry a Florida fishing/lobster permit for our passengers. No additional personal licenses are needed. We will waive the fee if a diver has a personal FL fishing license/lobster stamp.

Rates per person for our Fishing License/Lobster Stamp are:

  • $20 for 1-3 days
  • $30 for 4-7 days
  • $40 annual.

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