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      Just finished my Advanced Open Water certification with Scuba Joe at the Keys Dive Center on Islamorada. If you’re ready to learn from the best, ask for Scuba Joe. The... read more


      Scuba Joe, Charlie and Lana were tremendous to do our dives with. Charlie was our scuba tune up trainer and dive master on two dives. She is very knowledgeable, helpful... read more


      We had an excellent experience with our scuba refresher course and dives. The whole team was helpful especially Charley, Lana, Scuba Joe, Captain Greg, and Matthew. The trip... read more


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      Scuba Joe and Captain Tim are super fun and know where some of the coolest reefs are. Scuba Joe was fun to be around.


      The operator didn't show up & calls not returned. We got lucky & were able to snag last-second seats with a business nearby.


      Just finished my Advanced Open Water certification with Scuba Joe at the Keys Dive Center on Islamorada. If you’re ready to learn from the best, ask for Scuba Joe. The... read more


      If you are looking for a simple snorkeling trip, make sure to not with a half diving groups. The spots that they took us was perfect for divers specially a... read more


      Yesterday we went scuba diving in the morning with Florida Keys Dive Center. We often dive with them and have great experiences but yesterday took the cake! The weather was... read more


      I went to Key Largo to get my deep Diver’s certification. The boat we were on was the Orion. It was great! We went to The Eagle for the... read more

    Elizabeth L

      They took us to a very small reef - that didn’t look healthy to me - with hardly anything interesting to see. To make matters worse, there were large... read more


      Incredible experience. Captain Brad and Scuba Joe were two of the most friendly, knowledgeable and fun individuals I’ve ever met. Boat and facility were nice and tidy. Team was so... read more


      We had an amazing time during our Discover Scuba experience with Scuba Joe. He did a great job making us feel comfortable in the water and educating us on dive... read more


      My Dad and I had an awesome day of diving with The Florida Keys Dive Center. We dove the Eagle ship wreck and a second site (which I don’t remember... read more

    Justin G

      We picked the day 3/16 to take the 1pm trip snorkel trip after watching the weather and wind forecasts. Check in was professional and all about safety and equipment.... read more


      Great shop with good people. Chris was very helpful with our rental gear and tank fills. Really know his stuff.


      Great people running a very pleasant and efficient business. Capt Brad , Melanie, Charlie , Lana and Matt were amazing guides and dive masters , showing us all the good... read more


      We had a great time and It was interesting to snorkel with the Divers. We didn't expected it but we didn't mind it . It felt more professional and... read more


      Fabulous experience, captain and crew made the whole process easy, as I’d never done this before. Seas were very choppy (about 3 foot) which they have no control over;... read more


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    positive review  Great service every time that I use them. Today was another great example of that.

    Scuba Santa Avatar Scuba Santa

    positive review  Nice place, wonderful and helpful crews, had a lot of fun ... saw turtles, sharks, lobsters, crabs, eels, etc. You name it!

    Yi Fang Avatar Yi Fang

    positive review  Always a wonderful crew at Florida Keys Dive Center. Comfortable boats. Not overcrowded. Great service. This is one of the only dive centers I will dive with in the Keys. Highly recommended.

    Don Moss Avatar Don Moss

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    positive review  Had a great weekend diving with FKDC. Captain Carson and mate Brad did an excellent job on the boat. The captain was able to find the Atlantic Ocean and all the wrecks and reefs. The weather was a bit bumpy, but we got out there without a problem. Brad kept busy filling everyone’s tank orders (80s, 100s, 40s, air, nitrox) and provided o-ring service on demand. He also helped us up the ladder and escorted people out o their seats. He had so much fun with us, he joined us for another day. After the second dive each trip, fresh pineapple and oranges were provided. Except the one day Brad forgot them. Bad Brad. In the shop Yvonne was a pleasure to coordinate the trip. I happily recommend FKDC!

    Michael Parzynski Avatar Michael Parzynski

    5 star review  Great establishment. Good people. Dove the Spiegel Grove and Benwood a few days ago. A must see adventure!

    Ben Gordon Avatar Ben Gordon

    positive review  Fun, friendly staff (family owned), awesome experience

    Jas Sis Avatar Jas Sis

    positive review  As a Reb diver it is quite difficult to find Reb friendly centers .. Florida Keys Dive Center is more than Reb friendly. They are pros ..

    Nico Ruggeri Avatar Nico Ruggeri

    5 star review  Went on a dive trip with Scuba Joe this morning and had an amazing time! He was very attentive to everyone's needs even with a full boat. I would highly recommend this place and especially Scuba Joe. We will definitely be back!

    Mindy Touchton Avatar Mindy Touchton

    5 star review  We had a blast snorkeling with them. The divers all said they loved it. We saw some very cool stuff out there.

    Rosie Fras Botsford Avatar Rosie Fras Botsford

    5 star review  We had an awesome time diving with FKDC yesterday thanks to the great crew - Captain Tom and Scuba Joe. We'll be back 🙂

    Claudia Fernandez Avatar Claudia Fernandez

    negative review  Very unsafe dive practices. Two dives, both reefs about a 5 minute boat ride apart. Put in the water and were told to be back in an hour or when air is at 700. Came back late because we were given no guide, no offer of a guide, and had never been diving in the area so didn’t know it at all. So unsafe. When we made it back the captain was upset with us then after the 5 minute boat ride were told to hop immediately back into the water. Again. So unsafe. Over priced, unsafe diving, no effort to go to two different dive sites. Do yourself a favor and look into another company.

    Brittany Christine Avatar Brittany Christine

    5 star review  We loved it! And our crew was fantastic- very thorough and exceptionally fun. Tracy's fruit was a big hit as well �. Thanks

    Stephanie Isaacs Watkins Avatar Stephanie Isaacs Watkins

    positive review  I’ve been with them several times and I really like them, hence why I keep going back. Everything within the facilities is conveniently located and close, so you don’t have to walk long distances with all the scuba equipment. Parking lot is just big enough for the facility.. not too big but I’ve never had a problem finding a spot. The ladies at the front desk are really nice and the second time I went in they already remembered me and expressed how happy they were to see us come back. The boats are good too.. bathroom not too clean but can’t expect much more from a public scuba boat lol. They don’t have a lot of staff so every time you go back you’re received by familiar and friendly faces. Dive sites are designated in advance but don’t be surprised if they change locations on diving day due to bad weather/currents. Love them. Will keep going back.

    Andrea Ramirez Avatar Andrea Ramirez

    5 star review  Great dive with Captain Tom, other Captain Tom, Scuba Joe and William at Spanish Lady!

    Jeff John Avatar Jeff John

    5 star review  Great dive experience. Did Spiegel grove wreck Had Rob Kuzon as a guide....nice dive

    Jason Schwartz Avatar Jason Schwartz

    positive review  Awesome shop and awesome crew! Highly recommend!

    Matthew Maynard Avatar Matthew Maynard

    positive review  I highly recommend Florida Key Dive Center to both beginners and experts. They are very professional and organized, meaning you spend less time waiting around and more time diving and enjoying your vacation. We did an Advanced Open Water certification with instructors Cory and Brad over Memorial Day. They went the extra mile for us to make sure we got all of our required dives in even though the weather didn’t cooperate. They changed sites several times and they reshuffled their schedules for us to get in the final dive we needed on the last day. The boat Captains, Martin and Tom, were seasoned pros and made everyone feel at home on their boat. We had the best experience and we will definitely dive with them whenever we are in S. FL.

    Holly Verdeyen Avatar Holly Verdeyen

    5 star review  Thanks to FKDC for another great diving experience! Brent, Mike, and Capt. Karston upheld the level of service, professionalism and fun that I saw on my first dive with them. I’ll be back in a few weeks!

    Brian Cain Avatar Brian Cain

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