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      I go diving with FKDC every time I visit the keys. The staff is always professional and the gear they keep their rental gear in pretty good shape.


      Absolutely a top notch operation! Captain Chase, Doc, Nate, Scuba Joe, and the rest of the gang were just incredible. Scuba Joe is one of the best dive guides we... read more


      I had a great time diving with Florida Keys Dive Center this past week. They run a great boat with very attentive and helpful crew. This is a... read more


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      What we weren't aware of and prepared for on this trip was the choppiness of the waves (~2-3 feet swell). It seems this is typical of The Keys in... read more


      All staff complied with mask, and sanitation requirements. Capt Tim and Carston went out of their way to make snorkelers and divers happy. Scuba Joe was awesome as... read more

    Marsha J

      Our first time diving with FKDC and we will be back. Capt Tim and Zack were fantastic. Customer service was excellent. We had two beautiful dives. ... read more


      Gotta say we had a great great trip!! Parking was cake and not far at all to take gear to stage it before departure. Restroom was clean, staff... read more

    Roy C

      Had a great trip on the big dipper. Awesome staff, very friendly and helpful. Zach was our dive guide and we had a blast with him! He was so personable,... read more


      My husband and I are beginners and have 5 children under 12 so were a bit nervous about the day! Scuba Joe & Captain Tim were just amazing! ... read more


      Scuba Joe is the best instructor ever! I was definitely a very difficult and nervous student, but he was very patient and made me feel super comfortable in & out... read more


      What can I say other than one of the best experiences I could have ever give my 12 year old daughter.....and she loved it! Scuba Joe and the whole crew... read more


      This was a bucket list event and a celebration of a 71st birthday. We may have been the oldest on the boat but the staff, Captain Chase and the crew,... read more

    Cheryl.mrs C

      Yesterday we went scuba diving in the morning with Florida Keys Dive Center. We often dive with them and have great experiences but yesterday took the cake! The weather was... read more


      Spent the weekend diving with the Florida Keys Dive center. Very Professional and knowledgeable staff. Thank you Capt.Tim, Capt. Tracy and Scuba Joe for a amazing weekend an pointing... read more


      Big Thanks to Florida Keys Dive Center and Scuba Jo! My son received a very catered experience, earning his PADI SCUBA certification with Scuba Jo and the Florida Keys Dive... read more


      The trip to Pete's, Spankie's, Davis and Pleasure reefs are great! Saw sharks, turtles, eels, crabs, lobsters, etc. You name it. The crews are wonderful and helpful. Hope to dive... read more

    Yi F

      I went to Key Largo to get my deep Diver’s certification. The boat we were on was the Orion. It was great! We went to The Eagle for the... read more

    Elizabeth L

      We did a snorkel trip 30 June with Florida Keys Dive Center. We booked through TripAdvisor and showed up for an easy check in and safety briefing. Masks are required... read more


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    positive review  Great service every time that I use them. Today was another great example of that.

    Scuba Santa Avatar Scuba Santa

    positive review  Nice place, wonderful and helpful crews, had a lot of fun ... saw turtles, sharks, lobsters, crabs, eels, etc. You name it!

    Yi Fang Avatar Yi Fang

    positive review  Always a wonderful crew at Florida Keys Dive Center. Comfortable boats. Not overcrowded. Great service. This is one of the only dive centers I will dive with in the Keys. Highly recommended.

    Don Moss Avatar Don Moss

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    positive review  Very friendly and helpful staff, we had a great time chasing lobsters.👍👍

    Dar Goodrow Avatar Dar Goodrow

    positive review  this is the number one place in the upper keys to go diving their equipment is fantastic the captains and the crew are great and their instructors are the best a real friendly place to be and some amazing diving

    Philip Coccari Avatar Philip Coccari

    positive review  Our trip was originally planned for Saturday, but the waves were too choppy so it was canceled. We got to go today (Monday).The Captain and crew were SO fun and informative. The current was SUPER strong at our first stop (pleasure reef) so they put out a line for the snorkeling folks to hold on to. They had eyes on us the whole time, and were quick to offer helpful advice and a helping hand. We saw a wide variety of fish and other creatures, and the crew was excited and quick to tell us quick trivia about the species we encountered. The second stop was so much easier to swim in (shark ledge), my eight year old even handled it like a champ (after a pep talk with the Captain and Morgan with several “GO LILLIAN!” calls from Morgan while we were in the water.) They had fresh, cold water on board and a large ice chest for customers food and drinks, and then they cut up fresh oranges and pineapple after our last stop. I could not possibly recommend this trip more. I may have the names of the stops wrong but OH MY GOSH it was fun. Do it. Bring cash for tips, they’ll deserve them.

    Sarah Montoya Avatar Sarah Montoya

    5 star review  Excellent service all around. The crew of the Big Dipper were awesome. Will be happy to back with them again.

    Dean Fudge Avatar Dean Fudge

    positive review  Fun, friendly staff (family owned), awesome experience

    Jas Sis Avatar Jas Sis

    positive review  Given all of the choices you have for dive centers in the keys, it can be almost impossible to hit it right without recommendations. It’s thanks to others taking the time to write about Florida keys dive center that we picked it for our son to do his advanced diving and photography qualification...that and the wonderful and very helpful lady who took my phone call. We were blessed to have scuba joe work with our son, and I felt so confident leaving him in Joes capable hands. The quality, friendliness, safety, and support he was give over the three days was fabulous. In short, a wonderful experience and we will be back for subsequent courses and fun dives.

    Tracy Nelson Avatar Tracy Nelson

    positive review  Ask for Cory as your instructor! He’s the bomb dot com yo 🙂

    Emma Ferrett Avatar Emma Ferrett

    positive review  The 4 Down Divers group spent two days with Florida Keys Dive Center and had a great experience. Each member having btw 6 and 8 dives. All the dives were distinct and enjoyable. The Crew and dive master were friendly and knowledgeable.

    Ken Padilla Avatar Ken Padilla

    5 star review  Thanks to Ben and everyone at Florida Keys Dive Center for guiding us through our check off dives. We had a great time and the dives were beautiful. A great start to a lifetime of family diving!

    Randy Sermons Avatar Randy Sermons

    5 star review  Great job by scuba Joe , Carson and Duke. I finished my open water certification with Scuba Joe who is an excellent instructor. I plan to go back to my local dive shop in New Jersey and strongly recommend Florida keys Dive center and scuba Joe for anyone who wants to do their own water certifications down here in the keys!

    Bill Hollingsworth Avatar Bill Hollingsworth

    5 star review  Great friendly people with a perfect location right on the water. Easy check in for a snorkel tour and we're on the reef after a short 20 minute boat ride. It was a choppy day but still saw lots of fish. So beautiful.

    Jeremiah Johnson Avatar Jeremiah Johnson

    positive review  Awesome shop and awesome crew! Highly recommend!

    Matthew Maynard Avatar Matthew Maynard

    positive review  We had a great day of diving and lobstering with the Florida Keys Dive Center, completing the Underwater Hunter and Collector cert with the help of the excellent dive educator scuba Joe Nunns!

    Andy Koenig Avatar Andy Koenig

    5 star review  Absolutely great! I had such a good time both diving and hanging out on the boat. We went to conch wall , which is a beautiful spot. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

    Cara Anne Chapman Avatar Cara Anne Chapman

    5 star review  My group went on five dives with the Florida Keys Dive Center and had a great time. The dive boats are large with plenty of room to store gear and move around. The staff was super friendly and helped in so many ways to make the dive experience fantastic. I highly recommend diving with these folks.

    Craig Goldberg Avatar Craig Goldberg

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