Diving Etiquette

Florida Keys Dive Center has been catering to Divers and Snorkelers here in the Key Largo and Islamorada area since 1983.  Many of our customers, over the years,  have asked us what is customary in regards to tipping the crew. While there is really no set amount, the industry average, is around 10-15% of your total bill.   We believe that the quality of your Keys diving and snorkeling experience starts first with the person you talk to on the phone and follows through with the boat crew and your Dive instructors and guides.  We believe that a great experience is accomplished through a staff that works together and maintains a TEAM attitude.  Our recommendation is that you leave a tip for the whole crew when you pay your bill.  Some people may simply tip the boat crew and instructors/guides directly, if you do that, please don’t forget to thank the store and reservation personnel also, for their service.

We hope to see you all down here in the Keys real soon.  If you have any questions please call.  We look forward to helping you experience the best diving and snorkeling in the Florida Keys.

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