Florida Keys Coral Reef Restoration

Florida Keys Dive Center has been helping pilot this replanting program for the past 2 years and recently partnered with The Coral Reef Restoration Foundation to offer sport divers a unique opportunity to be a part of doing something to give back to the awesome ocean environment that so many of us have been enjoying for many years. We have arranged to offer sport divers a chance to “adopt a reef” and be involved in an actual replanting program. As part of our coral planting schedule we will be offering a 1 or 2 day program that will include class room training, /w nursery work, and or actual coral planting on a site designated by the National Marine Sanctuary.

This program is a work in progress so interested parties should contact FKDC for updates on the coral planting programs being offered ( see schedule).

12 month old corals

18 month old corals

30 New corals

Attaching a coral

Attaching corals at Molasses

Bringing the corals down

Corals at night

Dave Makepeace bring some corals down

K corals after 26 months

Ken Chris and Ben mounting corals

Kens Coral Nursery

Lad and Val Measuring Corals

Measuring Corals on the Reef

Measuring corals

Newly mounted corals

Ricky placing a disk in epoxy

Team 1 Working at Molasses

The Coral Nursery

Val Measuring corals

Wellwood Restoration

Visit the Coral Restoration Foundation website. www.coralrestoration.org

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