Florida Keys Lobster Scuba Diving

Lobster Season

So you are looking to dive for lobster? Book your lobster dive trip now because space is limited and fills up quickly. Lobster season opens August 6th and closes March 31st, with a special 2-day mini-season the last Wednesday and Thursday of July. The bag limit is 6 per person per day.



The price for a 2 location lobster trip is $70 plus tax per person if you bring your own tanks and weights or $89 if you use our air tanks and weights.

A lobster guide is $100 for one person or $50 per person for 2 or more people (max 4 divers).
Panulirus argus (Caribbean spiny lobster) is the most common lobster found in the Florida Keys and can grow up to about 60 cm (23 inches) in length and can weigh up to 12 lbs. But with large amount of harvest done around the Keys, spiny lobsters get little chance to grow large.
The spiny lobster can be identified by their brown-gray striped body with yellow spots on the segmented tail. Their only defense is a pair of long antennae and has a second pair used for sensory perception found folded along the body when not in use.
When diving for lobster, you will need to be required to have a saltwater fishing license and lobster stamp from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.
Each diver must have a gauge made for measuring lobster while harvesting in the water.

All lobster must be measured in the water and released unharmed if undersized.

Lobster carapace must be greater than three (3) inches.
All recreationally harvested lobster must remain in whole condition while at sea. Tails can only be separated on land. When the tail is separated from the body, it must be greater than 5-1/2 inches.

.Lobster Diving Regulation


The Florida Keys Dive Center professional team will help you follow the regulations so you can enjoy your lobster scuba dive trip.

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