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  1. Leesa Ferrer says:

    We dive with FKDC every year and have a blast! My son and I were both certified there about 4 years ago. I love going out for the wreck diving when I first get down there, and then spend my week diving reefs until it’s time to hunt some Lobster! Anyone wanting to dive with a great shop and a good set of people should dive with the Florida Keys Dive Center!!!!

  2. Linda and Mike says:

    We snorkeled with you guys with our whole family and it was wonderful. The boat was nice because it wasn’t booked so tight where you felt crammed in. We’ve been on half a dozen trips in different places, and this was definitely one of the more comfortable experiences. The staff was friendly and easy-going and just gave you the information you needed. They dealt with a case of sea-sickness (our son) very professionally and got him right back in the water. The staff in the store were great too and the prices were reasonable.

    3 of us came back a few days later to try SCUBA and unfortunately one of the people in our group wasn’t able to complete the experience due to an unexpected issue (severe pain when diving, most likely dental issue). The instructor was so nice and we were even given a partial refund for the 3 of them. Once that issue is resolved and we can get back there, we will return to try again!

    Thanks for a first rate experience.

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