Guided Dives

At Florida Keys Dive Center our dives are not usually guided. Our dive boats are tied up or anchored in very close proximity to where all the interesting things are, so you will never be far away from the dive boat during your dives on the reef or wreck. Furthermore, our reef dives are typically rather shallow.

If you feel you do not know where the dive boat is anymore at any point during your dive, you can slowly come up and check on its position. On deeper wreck dives the dive boat will be connected with the wreck via line that you can use as a reference.

Of course, you can request one of our staff as your dive guide. All our guides are professional divers with Divemaster or Instructor rating, who will be happy to point out interesting things to see to you  and make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time. The guide fee is $60 plus tax, or $30 plus tax person starting two people or more. Special rates are available for larger groups.

Under certain circumstances a guide is mandatory for a minimum of the first trip or all of your dives. Please note our guide policies and rates as follows:

Guide Rates

If you prefer or are required to have an instructor or divemaster accompany you, you will need to pay an additional fee as outlined below.

A guide is mandatory for a minimum of the first trip if you have not been diving in the past 12 months, or if it is the first dive after becoming certified, or if it is the first dive in the ocean.

If you go on a deep dive with Open Water Diver certification, and yo do not have proof of two dives deeper than 80 feet in the past six months, a guide is required, too. With advanced level certification, we like to see proof of a deep dive within the past 1.5 years before we ask you to hire a guide.

A guide is also mandatory at all times if you are under 18 years of age and not accompanied by a parent/guardian for your dives.

If you are an individual tech or rebreather diver, a guide is required as well in order to maintain our dive buddy system.
Guide TypePrice per PersonBook Now
1 Diver$60Book Now!
2+ Divers$30Book Now!
Private Guide$100Book Now!
Rebreather Guide
Tech Dive Guide
$200 incl. guide's gas, scrubber etc.
addt'l person add $100 (limit 2 guided divers)
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