Meet Our Staff

Tom Timmerman: Owner, Course Director, and Captain

Tom and Pam founded Florida Keys Dive Center in 1983 and have worked together to grow the business over the past few decades. Tom is from Wisconsin and came to the Keys in the early 1980s to lead a scuba diving career. In his free time, Tom enjoys going on hunting trips to West Virginia – a well earned break! You’ll see Tom inside the shop aiding in management duties, outside addressing mechanical affairs, or even driving one of our boats.

Pam Meyer: Owner and Operations Manager

Pam, along with Tom, have owned the dive shop since 1983. Pam hails from Wisconsin (GO! PACK! GO!) and moved to Key Largo in 1980 to pursue a career in the scuba diving industry. During this time, Pam has aided in certifying tens of thousands of divers, weathered dozens of hurricanes, all the while growing the shop into the respected, professional business that it is today.

Carsten Huppertz: Lead Captain and Course Director

Carsten plays an integral part at FKDC, acting as our lead captain and course director. Born in Germany, Carsten moved to the Keys in 2005. When asked why he moved here, his reply is, “Why not?” Carsten is an avid tech diver and enjoys wreck diving in his spare time. His favorite food is Sauerbraten. Just don’t ask us for any; it has to marinate in vinegar for 10-14 days and we won’t let him bring it into the shop.

Shannon McCully: Store Manager

Shannon leads the charge from the inside, managing schedules, reservations, and all things that allow our customers to have a smooth and pleasant experience. When not juggling ever-changing schedules or working around our unpredictable weather, Shannon enjoys sunset cruises on the bay and discovering the hidden treasures of the Keys. Next time you give us a call, be sure to say “hi” to Shannon!

Tracy Allen: Captain and Instructor

Tracy has been with FKDC for four years and can be seen doing just about every “outside engineering” job under the sun! She infuses her passion for marine conservation into all that she does, through local government activity, fish identification courses, and more. Tracy has traveled all around the world instructing and aiding in conservation programs. Next time you’re on the boat with her, ask her about a fish you saw on the reef.. Fish facts are her favorite!

Joe Nunnally: Instructor

Joe is a man of many talents! For 8 months out of the year, he leaves his home state of Oklahoma and comes down to the Keys to instruct, mate, and guide. He’s been doing this for 5 years and has been diving for around a decade. Macro underwater photography is his specialty. If you have any questions regarding yellowhead jawfish, western Atlantic black piranha, or chili-dogs, Scuba Joe is your man!

Cory Dam: Instructor

Cory is a true Floridian, growing up on the Space Coast and moved down to the Keys a few years ago. No matter where he is, he makes sure he is surrounded by water! Cory is a true jack-of-all-trades at FKDC and can be seen teaching courses, mating on our boats, and tinkering with anything mechanical. Whatever he’s doing, you’ll find him in swim trunks, flip flops, and with a killer sunglasses tan.

Zachary Smith: Instructor

Recently graduated from college in Virginia, Zach is the youngest member of the FKDC crew. He works both inside and out, assisting in the shop with digital marketing and reservations and also mating and guiding outside. He’s a loyal Washington Capitals fan, so don’t mention the Lightening and especially don’t mention the Penguins. #RockTheRed #AllCaps

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