Open Water Referrals Training

Students that have completed their classroom and pool through another scuba instructor or dive store may complete their open water training portion here in the warm waters of the Florida Keys!

Open Water Referrals TrainingCOURSE INCLUDES: Complete 2 day PADI Open Water Referral including:

  • Complete scuba equipment
  • Certification fees if course academics were done through PADI e-Learning
  • All charter fees and air fills

WHAT TO BRING: To enroll in this program you need to bring a signed referral from your instructor and a copy of your medical form if you had to have it signed by a doctor. All PADI referrals should have the PADI log book & training record signed by the initial PADI instructor.

If you started your course through another agency please contact us so we can explain how we can finish your training still and help you become a certified diver.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Our course is staffed by a team of professional instructors who are dedicated to teaching diving in a fun, safe and relaxing manner. Your 4 training dives will be done on 2 half day boat trips over two separate days. You will be required to successfully demonstrate proficiency in all the skills according to PADI standards for open water certification. We do recommend a skill assessment in confined water here with us before actually taking the open water training portion (additional fee). This step is mandatory if your pool training has been more than three months ago.

Referrals expire after 12 months!


The above-mentioned course reflects proven time requirements to finish the course. Occasionally, a student may require additional time to work with the instructor in order to become certified. In these cases, an additional fee will apply to cover charges not covered by the initial course fee.

A $25 certification processing fee is added if the student did not enroll in a PADI e-Learning course for their course academics.

HOW TO REGISTER: A $100.00 deposit is required two weeks prior to the course starting date. Upon receipt, we will send you your itinerary sheet and a Medical Statement.

MEDICAL FORM: If applicant signs yes to any of the medical history questions, please consult your physician for approval. Click here to download the Medical Statement.

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