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      1. Can't wait to see you again! Let me know when you get down here Aunt Dora and Uncle Earl Witmer. Tom Witmer and I need to come visit!!

        Earl Witmer's photo.
        Earl Witmer We are about a month away from heading down that way. We will keep you informed.
        Ann Marie Witmer Thank Uncle Earl Witmer. smile emoticon
        Liz Maynor
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        A huge thanks to all you folks at FKDC. I had another great year visiting. You have an amazing IDC instructor in Tom Witmer. Hang onto him. I will be recommending your IDC to everyone.

        Pam and Yvonne are always great to work with in the shop. Thanks for everything ladies.

        Carsten always provides for a great time on the water too. Thanks goes out to him and his crew. Well done yet again guys and gal.


        It was great seeing you all again and meeting Liz, Will and Joe. Hope to see you all again soon.

        To my classmates Izzy, Greg and Alisia , congrats and thanks for everything. Great getting to train with you both. Hope we can do it again sometime. Best wishes for Keith in the next IDC. You'll rock it, of that I'm sure.

        Once again, thanks for everything. You're awesome.

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        Tom Witmer Mike, it was great having you in the class! What a fun group! Go out and make a lot of little PADI's and I hope to see you soon!!! 🤓
        Florida Keys Dive Center
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