Special thanks for the encouragement to get me through my recent open water certification. I was ready to give up and Captain Tom and John gave me the courage I needed to succeed. The dive crew is very helpful and I will definitely be back!

Alan Kalis – Great well run dive shop

Wanted to provided a quick thank you especially to Captain Greg and John (mate and divemaster) for a very professional job well done. We had 8 dives over 2 days with you folks and of all the dive experiences I’ve had in the Keys, this was the best. From the dive shop personnel, the reasonable prices, the flexibility in the dive sites, to the first class dive boats (the 46′ size really helped when the seas were 5-7′ at the Duane) top shelf operation. Highly recommend them to any and all. We saw first hand how John handled the Advanced class on the Duane, and a newbie doing her checkout dives. He’s very good. I learned quite a lot from Captain Greg on reef formation and what the weather and wave action has done to the various sites over the years. Not sure how he gets to all those sites without GPS, but with 27 yrs on the water, he knows them quite well.

Hope to use them again soon, because there is no reason to go anywhere else.


Alan Kalis

Susan IDC class

I would like to say how well prepared I felt when I went to the IDC. I noticed that there were classes there that were larger than ours. But I consider it their loss and our gain. Each subject was covered in real world situations. Our class stood out in our preparedness.
The law portion was actually taught by a lawyer. So it wasn’t just blab blab, blab. You could ask questions about things that really happen and get a lawyers point of view of how it would be viewed.
My recommendation for anyone considering taking the IDC is to do it here. But prepare yourself by watching at the starwars episodes. You will see why soon enough
Thanks everyone for a great experience.

Theresa – Customer Feedback

I just wanted to say I had a great time this past weekend diving with you guys. Great staff and great diving! Thanks for the pineapple!!!! Hopefully I’ll get back sooner than later. It’s waaaaay too cold in Michighan.

Thanks again,