Scuba Certified

My two children and I received our SCUBA certification over a 3 day span and it was excellent! Scuba Joe was awesome and very friendly and patient. The crew on the boat was also excellent and very friendly. Never felt scared with Scuba Joe and he is great with young adolescents. An experience we will never forget.

4 Delightful Dives in 2 Days

I loved everything about my 2 days of diving with FKDC: the shop location, the shop itself, the boat, the fabulous crew, the focus on having fun while being safe and taking care of the environment, the equipment, and the variety of the dive sites. Both days of diving were run so well. The crew was wonderfully organized and competent, and they clearly love what they do. I saw so many different types of ocean creatures. I especially loved the abundance of beautiful purple sea fans at one site, the friendly group of nurse sharks at another, and the abundance of moray eels and puffer fish at another. Cory, Ronnie, Tracey, Zach, Carsten, and Scuba Joe, I’m so happy I get to look forward to diving with you all at FKDC again this December

Snorkeling with the Divers

We had a great time and It was interesting to snorkel with the Divers. We didn’t expected it but we didn’t mind it . It felt more professional and serious than other Snorkeling trips we have done. Zak and Tracy were very careful and professional and they also seem very knowledgeable . I might even get into diving after this trip

Great trip!

Had a great trip on the big dipper. Awesome staff, very friendly and helpful. Zach was our dive guide and we had a blast with him! He was so personable, funny and was an excellent dive buddy, pointing things out that we would’ve never noticed and giving us fun facts about all of the aquatic animals we saw, giving us tips and tricks to become a better diver, etc. Overall, everyone was extremely friendly and fun to be around. We will definitely be booking more dives through the Florida Keys Dive Center in the future. Thanks so much for an amazing experience!

From Andrew M.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to drop you an email to say that I had a fantastic time over the course of my IDC training and the IE. Sally is a fantastic Course Director and I felt that I learnt so much from her. She is a fountain of knowledge and I feel privileged that I was able to become an instructor under her tutelage.

But I just can’t sing Sally’s praises. Everyone at the dive shop was fantastic and so helpful. There are few dive shops that I have come across that rank as highly as yours. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone there: Sally, Pam, Yvonne, Carstan, and Stephanie. They all really helped to make my trip there fantastic.

I hope that I will be able to come back soon and if any of you are ever in the Bahamas, please look me up.

Thanks for everything.


What a perfect day!

What a great day of diving in the Florida Keys. Check out this picture from another satisfied diver on Pete’s Reef. Sure is a pretty boat! Thanks to Susan and Malcolm for the great shot.

Completed open water certification

Completed open water certification with Joe and Sara as instructors. I found both instructors to be exceptionally competent in their knowledge and instruction. Sara is great at instilling the confidence you need as you move along with your skills and Joe is a good teacher – making sure you get what you need in order to be competent in the water. Can’t wait to get back to the FKDC and dive in again!

Steve Brown

Don’t change your teaching style!

“Don’t change your teaching style. I learned a lot about training people from your IDC. Your praise, patience, and encouragement made me feel more relaxed and confident. A lot of what you taught me I can use in my training at my job. I especially want to thank you for the ‘Fisher Price’ physics lesson you conducted in your home on Thursday evening. Thanks for a great experience, see you soon.”

Russell Fleming

State Trooper

New Jersey